News and Reviews for River Notes

Since its release a few weeks ago, River Notes has been the book people can’t stop talking about:

“Rather than a comprehensive study of the Colorado’s history, ecology or politics, River Notes mixes in a bit of all these topics, along with an account of the author’s rafting trip through the Grand Canyon. Above all, the book—by turns lyrical, elegiac and combative—is a plea to save the Colorado River before it is too late.” —The Wall Street Journal

“National Geographic Explorer and author Wade Davis traces the natural and human history of the Colorado River with vivid and engaging detail in his new book, River Notes.” —Utne Reader

“As he examines the questionable legacy left by man and the beauty of this natural resource, it’s hard not to become angry and feel hopeless.” —Deseret News

“This book is different from the many other books on the river and the canyon since he talks about the river as a system… It is a wonderful description of a great river; a great river that is our Nile, with a history as diverse and bizarre as the Nile, except that we build dams instead of pyramids.” —Toronto Star

“You will not be disappointed. Wade Davis’ writing is superb, his text is very readable and fascinating, and his research on this subject is formidable… Reading about the trip is exciting and thought-provoking, and you wonder whether taming this river was really worth the cost.” —City Book Review

“Often lyrically…he does a good job of showing how we are all connected to this river, whether we recognize it or not… While Davis is passionate about the river, the book’s strength lies in how it captures the men and women who came upon it decades and even centuries earlier.” —The Washington Post

River Notes is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.